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WE PUSH DUCKS is a revolutionary weight loss and core strength building craze created by fitness expert Tyson Brown. 
You would ask why we are called "We Push Ducks".
We take people under our wing and we help them to fly. Do you remember the story of "The Ugly Duckling"?
We are not saying you're ugly but we would like to help you understand your true potential to become the swan you deserve to be. 
At We Push Ducks, everybody uses their own body weight and no body gets busy comparing themselves to others because you would never be able to look in the mirror and do the activities at the same time.
Combining a revolutionary new training style with fun activities to suit all ages, shapes and sizes, this fitness spectacular is one that is proven to work for anyone wishing to up their health and fitness levels.
There is absolutely nothing like this in the fitness sector at present because here it’s not about what you push, it’s about what you look like you push - and WE PUSH DUCKS! This is a unique concept and one that you simply MUST GIVE A TRY!


Tyson Brown



Tyson is a very creative and enthusiastic trainer whose philosophy is to create fun workouts to distract the brain in order to get the best out of the body, and easy to follow. He has got clients range from beginners to athletes. His main focus is to unlock the true potential out of every client.




Oksana has always participated in numerous sports and keeping fit. She loves to inspire people to get their best physique and to feel good within themselves. She is the crazy Russian girl who you hear before you see! Don't be fooled by her sweet smile and 5ft2 frame, she's a little pocket rocket who takes no prisoners.


This Is What Our Clients Say About Us


Absolutely love coming here Tyson has this amazing aura, very positive! I have recommended so many people here, once they come they never leave! The vibe is so good, it feels like fun rather then working out, I have become so much stronger with his and Oksana's classes. They always push us above our limits and it feels good. Thank you We Push Ducks


This class has changed me for the better in so many ways. From going to a regular gym and not seeing any benefits really, to seeing and feeling a difference from just one week at this place. i have now been here near to a year and feel and look the best i have in years! The classes are fun and varied beneficial to ALL levels from beginner to the hardcore exercise fanatics..Sometimes has challenges outside class as well which helps to build self motivation and self discipline which is something i found difficult to do before! This is the place to go to see results physically and mentally! Positive, friendly, determined environment! Tyson and Oksana i can't thank you enough!


Something like this is what I have been waiting for. If you are looking for New Year's resolutions and how to get in shape and finding your motivation it could be time to visit WE PUSH DUCKS. The best workouts. Classes are a lot of fun with even more of positive energy. You can feel really motivated though. The classes format is often changed so even the most regular fitness fans will be challenged! Friendly approachable instructors. There is no awkwardness or sense of being left out. It leaves you feeling the good sore knowing you've achieved.
Highly recommended WE PUSH DUCKS to anyone who wants to give fitness a bit of a go no matter what level you are. Thank you guys it's over a year since I joined your team and I LOVE IT.
Happy customer.


Tyson and the We Push Ducks Team are incredible. The family run ethos that they have make you feel welcome and comfortable as well as making fitness fun throughout. To truly understand what makes Tyson and his team different you need to go and have a class and experience it first hand. He truly changed my life for the better. My mental and physical fitness had never been better. I can’t wait to go back!

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